How Many Teeth Can Be On A Bridge?

How Many Teeth Can Be On A Bridge?

December 3, 2021

Natural teeth are something that could never have a replacement. No one in their life wants to encounter a situation where they have to replace their original teeth with false ones. But dental damage can’t be controlled, and sometimes some accidents may result in natural tooth loss.

If such unfortunate conditions occur in your life, dentistry has solutions. Dental bridges are the most prominent solution that can help you bring back the lost charm of your smile with a natural appearance.

People usually have a question about how many teeth could be replaced by the procedure. Generally, four teeth could be easily replaced through dentures in many cases. Rest depends on an individual’s requirements and examination because the process requires a deep analysis of one’s oral health.

Types of Bridges

Dental bridges are among the common dental treatments that hardly require an introduction. They are false teeth that we call pontics. Also, their placement is done inside the mouth through crowns.

Once your dentist is done with the comprehensive oral examination, the next thing they will move forward in selecting the most suitable type of bridge for you based on your examination results.

  1. Traditional Bridges

They are most common and usually anchored with crowns. Traditional bridges are highly popular today because of their affordability. If you have missed one or two teeth, this type is amazingly suitable. Traditional bridges could be made of metal like gold or others, depending on your choice, but most commonly, porcelain is used because of its natural appearance.

  1. Cantilever Bridges

This type is highly recommended for dental bridge front teeth. It fills up the gaps in your smile. It is quite different from traditional bridges.

  1. Maryland Bonded Bridges

This is similar to traditional bridges with a little different in that it does not use the crown as an anchor but a metal or porcelain framework. Because of the use of the framework, the process doesn’t require any modification in the adjacent teeth. This type is a good alternative to traditional bridges. If we talk about the strength, it depends on the framework’s strength.

  1. Implants Bridges

They are gaining popularity in the new age because of their stability and durability. If there are more missing teeth inside your mouth, implants are the best and perfect option. The procedure may be costly, but the results would be more natural and permanent. We can also call it a permanent dental bridge because of its long-term durability.

As there are various options available, individuals can choose any option according to their will to make wise decisions. One is advised to make a detailed discussion with their dentists.

Benefits of Dental Bridges to Replace Missing Teeth

Tooth loss could be the biggest loss ever. But thankfully, there are options available that can become a natural replacement with natural results. Bridges bring the following positive effects on an individual’s life.

  1. Improved Confidence and Self-Esteem

Any flaw in your smile can bring your confidence quite low and negatively impact your overall lifestyle. You may start avoiding people or your social life, which could hinder your personality development, especially if you are in your growing years. Bridges help you to bring your life back to you.

  1. Boost Eating and Speaking Abilities

Teeth are not only for smiling, but they are important for eating and speaking. If you accidentally miss some of your teeth, you will face problems in eating and speaking. Bridges help to overcome these problems effectively.

  1. Easy Maintenance

Bridges are so simple in their maintenance.vOne does not require to follow some special procedure. They can be kept clean and maintained just with the normal cleaning routine you follow to maintain your natural oral health. Bridges are available to replace two to four and more than four teeth simultaneously.

The individual’s situation and the case may vary. But overall, bridges are highly admirable when it comes to replacing missing teeth. If you are looking for a professional dentist in Beverly Hills, contact us immediately. We ensure reliability, trust, and quality in our treatment.