Sinus Elevation

Sinus Elevation in Beverly Hills, CA

People are more likely to associate the sinuses with their noses than their teeth. However, the sinuses are important as a foundational base for dental implants. The sinuses are the hollow channels behind your cheek and above your upper teeth. Some tooth roots extend up into these channels, and if the teeth are removed, it occasionally leaves only a thin area of bone to separate the sinuses from the mouth. This thin area may be insufficient as a foundational base for a dental implant, resulting in the need for sinus elevation in Beverly Hills, CA.

At Implant Dentistry By Doc Rok, we offer the most advanced procedures and equipment for our patient’s oral health and optimal treatment success. This includes sinus elevation to prepare for dental implants.

What Is Sinus Elevation?

Our dentist performs sinus elevation surgery to prepare a site in the upper jaw for a dental implant. This bone grafting procedure increases the chances of dental implant success. Dr. Roknian will assess whether you need sinus elevation by conducting an examination. There are several reasons that a patient may need sinus elevation so that a dental implant may be placed, including:

  • Small jaws
  • Large sinuses
  • Bone loss
  • Anatomical location of sinuses, nerves, blood vessels, and other tooth roots

Our dentist will open the gum tissue during the sinus elevation procedure where the implant is placed. As the jawbone is exposed, a portion of it will be “lifted” to create space filled with bone graft material. This area then undergoes a healing process for approximately six months before the dental implant is placed.

Safe and Effective Equipment

At Implant Dentistry By Doc Rok, we provide cutting-edge technological equipment for our patients’ safety and effective treatment. Our office performs assessments and procedures utilizing a mobile CT scanner, Vulcan surgical guides, and the latest microlaser technology. This ensures successful patient outcomes and renewed oral health and functioning.

The success of your dental implant procedure is essential to us. Contact Dr. Roknian and our dental care staff at Implant Dentistry By Doc Rok for more information about sinus elevation near you.