Clear Braces

Clear Braces in Beverly Hills, CA

Many adults seeking orthodontic treatment are often put off by the metal mouth effect of traditional orthodontic solutions. If you’re thinking of straightening your smile without compromising your aesthetics, then you may be a good candidate for clear braces in Beverly Hills.

What are Clear Braces?

Clear braces are made from virtually invisible material that offers superior aesthetics. Clear bracket braces mimic the bracket and wire structure of traditional metal braces. However, instead of metal parts, clear braces are made of ceramic material.

Types of Clear Braces

Clear braces can be fixed or removable. Removable clear braces are alternatively known as aligners. These are custom trays that can be removed at will. A popular example of clear aligners is Invisalign®. Invisalign treatment utilizes a series of custom aligners made from a plastic material that gently realigns teeth over several months.

How Much Do Clear Braces Cost?

Every patient is unique. As such, it isn’t easy to give an exact estimate of how much treatment with clear braces will cost you. It’s worth noting that clear braces cost more than metal braces. For more pricing details, please call Implant Dentistry by Doc Rok.

Clear Braces Vs. Metal Braces: Which is Better?

Clear braces and metal braces have their pros and cons, which must be evaluated against the patient’s needs and preferences. For instance, metal braces are cheaper and ideal for severe cases of misalignment since they’re sturdier. Clear braces offer superior aesthetics but may not effectively correct severe bite problems.

Are Clear Braces Painful?

Clear braces require regular tightening to encourage tooth movement. After each adjustment, your teeth may feel momentarily sore. Besides that, clear braces don’t hurt.

When Should You Get Clear Braces?

You may be a candidate for clear braces if you’re interested in undergoing orthodontic correction discreetly and without calling attention to yourself. If you’re not a fitting candidate for clear, removable aligners, then clear fixed braces are an ideal alternative.

How Long Does Clear Braces Treatment Last?

Treatment with clear braces typically lasts 12 to 36 months. The exact duration varies depending on the type and severity of the bite problem.

Where Can You Get Clear Braces in Beverly Hills?

If you’re looking to get clear braces in Beverly Hills, CA, please reach out to Implant Dentistry by Doc Rok.