3D Guided Implant Surgery

3D Guided Implant Surgery in Beverly Hills, CA

Patients missing one or more teeth can suffer from lowered self-confidence due to visual tooth gaps, shifting permanent teeth, and potential loss of oral functions such as proper eating and speaking. Though there are restorative procedures such as dentures and dental bridges, dental implants offer the most stable, long-term solution for tooth loss replacement.

One of the most innovative and groundbreaking advancements in dentistry is 3D-guided implant surgery. Cutting edge 3D guided technology allows our dentist to provide improved implant placement for successful results. At Implant Dentistry By Doc Rok, our dental care team offers 3D-guided implant surgery near you to ensure optimal long-term oral health.

Advanced Technology

Patients invest in dental implants as a restorative procedure and permanent tooth loss solution. 3D guided implant surgery is a digital treatment technique that allows for customized planning and visualization of a patient’s procedure. Dr. Roknian utilizes mobile CT scanning technology in addition to Vulcan surgical guides for more precise implant placement than freehand surgery would allow. It increases the accuracy, predictability, and efficiency of implant surgery. With the advanced technology of 3D-guided implant surgery, the patient’s risk of complications is reduced, and implants are placed in optimal positions in terms of angle and depth.

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In addition to mobile CT scanning and Vulcan surgical guides, Dr. Roknian also uses a top-of-the-line soft tissue dental laser from Denmat to provide patients with more precise and gentle dental care. For some surgical procedures, plasma therapy may promote faster healing times.

Benefits of This Advanced Surgical Procedure

Guided implant surgery offers many benefits for patients. For example, this procedure uses customized surgical guides to improve precision and accuracy in dental implant placement. It also improves surgical predictability and safety, as Dr. Roknian can visualize every surgery step. In addition to minimizing the risk of complications, guided surgery is generally performed more quickly with reduced recovery time for the patient.

At Implant Dentistry By Doc Rok, our dentist in Beverly Hills ensures the success of your implant surgical procedure through quality, precise, and minimally invasive care. For more information about 3D-guided implant surgery near you, contact Dr. Roknian and our staff.

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