Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry in Beverly Hills, CA

Feeling anxious about dental visits and procedures is very common for most people. However, these feelings can be heightened for patients that plan to undergo oral surgery, such as dental implants. Dr. Roknian offers sedation dentistry in Beverly Hills, CA, to alleviate distress. Sedation dentistry utilizes medication and anesthesia methods to help patients relax during dental procedures.

Your oral health and comfort are important to us. Therefore, Implant Dentistry By Doc Rok offers sedation dentistry near you.

Use of Sedation Dentistry

Some patients have debilitating fear and anxiety regarding dental procedures or even routine dental exams. In these cases, it’s essential to discuss your feelings with our dentist in Beverly Hills to determine whether sedation dentistry is helpful. When it comes to oral surgery, such as dental implants, patients are provided anesthesia for their comfort during the procedure.

Dr. Roknian will provide expertise as to the proper type of anesthesia for your individual needs. This often depends on the number of implants you receive and whether any bone graft surgery is necessary for dental implant surgery. Options for sedation dentistry include:

  • Local anesthetic
  • General anesthetic
  • Conscious sedation

Local anesthesia is generally the safest option with the lowest side effects. General anesthesia is not typically used due to higher risks. Conscious sedation combines a local anesthetic with a sedative in pill form or the use of laughing gas. It allows patients to be conscious and responsive during surgery while feeling completely relaxed.

Advanced Technology

The advanced technology used by our dentist for oral health procedures, including a mobile CT scanner and Vulcan surgical guides, ensures that patients receive precise, safe, and successful treatment. In addition, this cutting-edge equipment has a positive impact on the type of anesthesia required for patients receiving dental implants or other oral surgery, providing the lowest possible risks and side effects with optimal outcomes.

We prioritize your oral health, including addressing any anxiety you feel regarding dental care. Contact our dental care team at Implant Dentistry By Doc Rok for more information about sedation dentistry near you.