Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions in Beverly Hills, CA

Our dental team works hard to save infected and damaged teeth. If your tooth is damaged or infected, our dentist will try their best to resolve the issue. However, in some cases, this isn’t possible. If the tooth cannot be saved, an extraction may be needed.

Tooth extractions are procedures that dentists regularly do for various reasons. People of all ages get extractions.

Our dentist at Implant Dentistry By Doc Rok, offers tooth extractions in Beverly Hills.

Why Would You Need an Extraction?

Though our dentist can treat damaged and infected teeth, some situations warrant extractions. Of course, damage or infection are some of the most popular reasons for extractions, but there are plenty of other reasons people need extractions.

If you have crowding, an extraction can help. Crowding can lead to alignment and bite issues. By extracting one or two of your teeth, there is more space. Then, your alignment can be corrected.

Wisdom teeth are commonly extracted. Some teeth may need to be removed before getting dental braces.

If you have a dental abscess, you will need a root canal. It helps with the tooth root and tissue that are infected. However, a root canal doesn’t always resolve the issue so extraction may be necessary.

Fillings and other treatments can sometimes help prevent an extraction. Each situation varies, so our dentist will evaluate your teeth and determine the best course of action.

What Happens During a Tooth Extraction?

It’s normal to be anxious before something like a tooth extraction. It can be helpful to know how the procedure works so you know what to expect. Be sure to talk to our dentist if you are curious about the process.

A local anesthetic or another pain reliever is administered to help you feel more comfortable. Then, the gum and tissue are removed. When the tooth is removed, it can be removed in single or multiple pieces. Impacted teeth are more difficult to remove.

Following an extraction at Implant Dentistry By Doc Rok, you will be given recovery instructions to follow. Contact Dr. Roknian after the procedure if you encounter any issues or notice any concerning signs.

If you would like to talk to our dentist in Beverly Hills about tooth extraction, call for an appointment or visit our dentistry today.