The Verdict Is In

The Verdict Is In

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“The Verdict is In,” Podcast  – With Dr. Vivian Roknian

27. The Doc Rok: Dr. Vivian Roknian, the Super Dentist!

The Doc Rok! This wildly successful business woman is a super hero: she is a general and implant dentist, and is highly trained in advanced dental implant therapies. Vivian explains how she has brought new ideas and procedures to the practice of dentistry as a woman in what was traditionally a “man’s” world. Vivian also shares how she works with convicts to give them a new set of implant teeth and how this miracle of giving transforms their lives. This is a stand up and clap moment when you listen. The Doc Roc is a great human being who is focused on a call to action to help those less fortunate.

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