What Is the Most Popular Aesthetic Dental Procedure?

What Is the Most Popular Aesthetic Dental Procedure?

April 1, 2023

Aesthetic dentistry is popular among men and women who select different therapies to correct minor or significant defects with their teeth impacting their smile. You can change your smile if you don’t like its appearance for various reasons.

While routine dental visits are essential to care for any dental work you need to ensure optimal oral health, the experienced dentist 90210 can also offer various aesthetic dentistry procedures to ensure you are looking at your best without showing off dental defects. In addition, a free consultation with the dentist enables you to fully understand your aesthetic or cosmetic dental procedure options to achieve the smile you always dreamed about.

What Precisely Are Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures?

The popularity of cosmetic dental procedures has increased significantly over the past few decades because more people realize they have options to enhance the appearance of their smile. Dentistry has introduced various remedies to improve people’s looks when smiling. Cosmetic dentists, besides trying to improve and succeed in enhancing your smile, also ensure your oral health remains in prime condition to help you smile without concerns about your dental health.

Most Common Aesthetic Dentistry Procedures

While all aesthetic dentistry procedures are famous, some receive more attention than others. It doesn’t indicate they are the best but is merely graded on their popularity because they are sought by people with defects in their teeth that don’t permit them to smile when meeting others.

This article lists the five most popular cosmetic dental procedures in order of popularity and the costs associated with the treatment. We would also like to state the treatments consider the specific needs of every patient when grading these procedures.

  • Teeth Whitening: Discolored teeth make you reluctant to smile before people making you seem like an introvert while also hindering career progress in some cases. Unfortunately, discolored teeth affect almost anyone, and the stains can result from everyday habits like eating and drinking staining foods or drinks. However, other reasons like injuries, infections, medications, and aging are also responsible. While you can purchase teeth whitening remedies from drugstores to work your way through the staining over an extended period visiting the dentist near you for an in-office teeth whitening remedy provides instant results in one ninety-minute appointment where you can get your teeth cleaned and whitened by a dental professional to show off a gleaming smile.
  • Composite Fillings: If you, like many others, have silver amalgam fillings in your teeth to restore cavities, and they become visible when smiling, you can discuss your situation with the dentist, who will happily offer composite resin fillings resembling your tooth color as a replacement. Removing silver amalgam fillings requires some dental work, including drilling and investment into the tooth-colored fillings. However, the treatment is worth the effort because it enhances your smile without leaving noticeable blemishes on your teeth.
  • Composite Bonding: You may have defects with a couple of teeth from impacts on your mouth, biting complex foods, or using teeth as tools instead of chewing foods. The flaws, although minor, might impact your smile because they make your teeth appear ungainly. Cosmetic dentistry has a solution for the problem you confront because your dentist can repair the affected teeth by using the same composite resin material used in filling cavities to enhance their appearance without removing tooth structure or needing anesthesia. Getting your teeth bonded by the cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills needs 30 to 60 minutes per tooth. The treatment remains on them for approximately a decade, making it the most conservative cosmetic dentistry treatment you can get.
  • Dental Veneers: if your front teeth are affected by severe stains unresponsive to whitening treatments, gaps, cracks, or chips, cosmetic dentists can offer you dental veneers customized from dental grade porcelain that fit over your teeth like shells to hide your dental defects to make the defective teeth appear beautiful. After getting dental veneers bonded to your front teeth, you can expect the placements to stay on the teeth for over 15 years with proper dental hygiene to enable you to display a beautiful smile.
  • Dental Braces: Teeth that are crooked, misaligned, gapped, or misshapen are conveniently straightened by cosmetic dentistry, giving you clear aligners instead of metal braces to correct your dental imperfections in six to 18 months, depending on their complexity.

Besides the above cosmetic dentistry also helps replace missing teeth, restore severely damaged teeth, or provides any other treatment you may need to complement your smile. While most cosmetic dentistry therapies aren’t covered by dental insurance, some may receive partial coverage to reduce the treatment costs when trying to improve their dental health and benefit from a deserving smile.

Implant dentistry by Doc Rok provides many aesthetic dentistry procedures to improve the looks of your smile if affected by dental issues. Please arrange an appointment with them today to discuss your specific needs and improve your smile without wasting time.