Giving Back to the Community: A Wrongly Incarcerated Man’s Edentulism Case

Giving Back to the Community: A Wrongly Incarcerated Man’s Edentulism Case

February 15, 2021

Dr. Vivian Roknian is proud to help patients who suffer from edentulism restore their oral function and appearance. Edentulism is the clinical term for missing one or more teeth. Partial edentulism indicates the loss of some teeth, whereas full edentulism is the total loss of teeth in the mouth. In either form, edentulism can have devastating physical and psychological effects on a patient’s health and wellness.

Thankfully, there are restorative measures and procedures for patients with edentulism. In fact, Dr. Vivian Roknian provided a life-changing dental restoration, in partnership with the team at Burbank Dental Lab, for a recent edentulism case in Beverly Hills, CA.

The Case

Dr. Vivian Roknian is dedicated to restorative treatment for patients with tooth loss. Patients who suffer from partial or full edentulism often feel self-conscious about their appearance and have difficulty with oral functions such as eating and speaking.

In this special case, Dr. Roknian’s patient, Mr. Craig Coley, spent nearly four decades in prison until it was determined that he did not commit the crime he was put in prison for. This prompted a partnership between Dr. Roknian and Burbank Dental Lab to restore Mr. Coley’s oral function and appearance, which was compromised by several dental issues and edentulism. To improve the aesthetics of Mr. Coley’s smile as well as his mastication ability, Dr. Vivian Roknian prescribed implant-supported monolithic zirconia restorations.

The Restoration

Mr. Coley’s restoration was performed with Nobel multi-unit abutments. After several cooperative procedures with Burbank Dental Lab, this case was successfully completed. Mr. Coley was very pleased with the results of the process and expressed his gratitude to everyone who participated in restoring his smile and oral function.

Technological and procedural advancements have made a significant impact in dentistry and restoring oral health to patients. In the case of Mr. Coley, the entire dental care team feels privileged to have had the opportunity to help him create a new beginning with oral health.

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