Can LANAP Regrow Gums?

Can LANAP Regrow Gums?

October 1, 2022

Periodontal disease is a lead cause of tooth loss and gum recession. In addition, progressive gum disease leads to adverse effects, including bone degeneration if untreated.

However, you can undergo effective and non-invasive procedures like LANAP laser gum surgery to repair your gums. LANAP is a proven periodontal laser protocol used for gum tissue regeneration.

Unlike conventional gum surgery, the procedure is minimally-invasive and effective. This article explores more about the LANAP laser gum treatment procedure.

What Exactly Is LANAP Laser Gum Treatment?

Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP), a clinically proven approach, is used by your periodontist to enhance the regeneration of your receded gum tissues.

It enables the connective tissues around your tooth roots to regrow, restoring gum tissue growth. Tartar and plaque buildup cause periodontal disease that attributes to inflammation and gum recession, among other adverse effects.

You may develop tooth decay and eventual tooth loss, but the protocol destroys harmful bacteria, enabling nourishment of your soft tissues and regeneration of your bone.

The gum tissues are healed to provide stability and a natural dental outlook.

Effectiveness of LANAP

LANAP is a viable procedure for your oral health. The protocol regenerates your tissues by stimulating stem cells to reform collagen and bone.

Further, the treatment heals your deteriorated bone and kills bacteria that cause infection. After the procedure, new connective tissues develop, enabling regrowth of the gum and bone tissues.

After the healing process, your tissues regenerate to restore lost bone and ligaments, making the teeth more stable and healthier. Gum disease is detrimental since it causes the teeth to become loose and leads to bone deterioration.

However, with LANAP laser treatment, you enjoy positive outcomes. The procedure is scientifically proven to address your condition and lead to gum tissue regrowth effectively.

Once you visit our dentist for LANAP protocol, your mouth will be numbed to alleviate discomfort. A laser destroys unhealthy bone and gum tissues and kills bacteria in the tissue pockets.

Further, your specialist removes tartar and plaque deposition. The entire process requires about three sessions, each taking about an hour. It’s crucial to undergo consultation during the initial appointment to ensure you are an ideal candidate for LANAP laser gum surgery.

It’s also imperative to schedule other appointments for a check-up to ensure that the gums take the right shape. Your specialist will provide aftercare instructions to ensure gum regeneration takes place efficiently.

You can take soft foods before complete healing. Additionally, you’ll experience discomfort, and your dentist may recommend taking pain relievers to suppress the pain.

Will LANAP Regenerate My Gums?

LANAP technique simulates the growth of proteins that leads to the regeneration of gum tissues and bone cells. The procedure has multiple benefits, including:

  • Faster healing process
  • Inhibits progression of gum recession
  • Has neither associated side effects nor contradictions
  • Treats gum disease more effectively than traditional surgery
  • The procedure is more comfortable since there’s less discomfort than in other procedures
  • Unlike other techniques, you’ll experience less post-procedural inflammation, bleeding, and sensitivity.

LANAP laser treatment stimulates bone cells and gum tissue regrowth, preventing tooth loss or bone degeneration. Unlike conventional treatment options, you don’t require tissue grafting.

Our dentist recommends LANAP since you don’t undergo surgical incision or stitching, there’s lowered risk of having an infection, and the healing process is fast.

What Makes You an Ideal Candidate for Laser Gum Treatment?

LANAP is a suitable procedure for you if you have moderate to severe periodontitis. Unlike gum surgery, you can take medication and still undergo the process without exceptions.

LANAP is an excellent option for you if you have anxiety over highly invasive surgical procedures.

At Implant Dentistry by Doc Rok, we recommend you visit our periodontist for a dental exam for determining if you are suitable for the procedure. LANAP is an effective alternative to gum surgery, and it’s prudent if you partake in the procedure if you have severe gum disease.

Our dentist in 90210 can perform the procedure and enable the regrowth of your receded gum tissues.

At our dental office, we ensure you find quality and personalized treatment, and we’d like you to visit us today.

We’ll ensure that the gum disease is suppressed and your gum tissues are restored.