Add Some Sparkle To Your Smile With Tooth Gems

Add Some Sparkle To Your Smile With Tooth Gems

August 1, 2021

Have you heard about body piercings, ear, and oral piercings? Would you consider adding a sparkle to your smile by getting tooth gems with tooth piercings? You probably think twice before dental visits, and the thought of making your smile appear better than it currently is will undoubtedly encourage you to schedule an appointment with the dentist near you to inquire about the procedure.

In reality, tooth piercings are not about creating holes in your tooth but merely attaching gems in different shapes and sizes to make your smile appear different than others. Tooth gems undoubtedly add some sparkle to your smile. However, the procedure is also fraught with some risks you should be aware of.

Would you mind continuing to read this article to learn more about how tooth piercings are performed and the potential complications associated with the procedure?

What Precisely Are Tooth Piercings?

Tooth piercings aren’t about drilling holes through your tooth. On the contrary, the tooth jewelry is carefully attached to the tooth’s surface. You can select gems available in various shapes and sizes according to your budget and how different you want your smile to appear. Popular tooth piercings include diamonds, rubies, crystals, and sapphires.

Tooth piercings are performed on a tooth in the anterior region of your mouth and away from your gums. Temporary tooth piercings last for about six weeks, but if you opt for the semipermanent variety, you can have the tooth gems on your teeth as long as you choose.

If you decide you want to have tooth gems over your teeth, you must visit tooth gems near you to decide what jewelry you wish to place on your tooth.


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What Is the Procedure For Tooth Piercings?

The tooth piercings procedure is relatively straightforward, causing you no pain or discomfort before or after the jewel is placed.

The dentist best performs tooth piercings in Beverly Hills, an expert with knowledge about your dental health. Before placing tooth gems, your teeth are prepared for the procedure by cleaning the tooth enamel. The dentist uses an acid etch to clean the tooth. After that, the dentist applies a bonding agent and composite to the area where you want the jewelry placed.

The jewel placement happens when a piercing expert or the dentist uses instruments to secure the jewelry to the composite. After attaching the jewelry, a special light hardens the composite taking approximately 20 to 60 seconds to set the tooth gem into it.

You receive after-care instructions from the dentist asking you to avoid brushing your teeth vigorously or eating spicy and sticky foods. It is essential to maintain proper oral hygiene after getting a tooth piercing. You must refrain from touching or playing with the tooth gem after placement.

Drilling is not standard for a tooth piercing, although some people have their teeth drilled by a professional. Drilling enables the placement of tooth rings into the tooth. However, the procedure is not recommended because it causes irreversible damage to your tooth.

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Where To Get Tooth Gems?

The dentist in Beverly Hills can provide tooth gems safely, ensuring your tooth is not damaged. You can also consider getting the piercings at a piercing parlor. However, it would be best to look for a trained professional working in a clean and sterile establishment. If you wish to remove the tooth gem at some time, you can wait until it naturally falls off or visit a dentist for the removal.

Are There Any Risks Involved With Getting Tooth Gems?

The most significant concern of having tooth gems is that the jewelry can break from the tooth and be swallowed. Other risks and complications include tooth sensitivity, chipped or damaged adjacent teeth, allergic reaction, enamel wear or abrasion, gum inflammation or recession around the jewelry, and damage to your lips if the jewelry rubs against them.

You may develop tooth decay because of impaired brushing, mouth infections, and bad breath after getting tooth gems placed on your teeth. The surface of the tooth permanently changes during preparing and conditioning the tooth. Limited research is available on the safety or long-term wear of tooth gems and piercings, which is why not all dentists provide this service.

Tooth gems are a new trend involving the placement of jewelry on your teeth. The procedure requires embedding a jewel into a composite applied to your tooth’s surface. The process is temporary and doesn’t pose any risks similar to oral piercings. So long as you practice good oral hygiene and have a healthy mouth, you can consider getting tooth gems on your teeth, remembering to schedule six monthly appointments with the dentist to ensure the gems are not harming your teeth or gums. Most importantly, you must ensure that you find a credible and experienced professional to perform the procedure if you choose to have tooth gems to add some sparkle to your smile.