The Time a Frenectomy Takes To Heal

May 1, 2022

Have you ever felt the thin band of tissue above the front teeth that connect...

Does A Frenectomy Change Your Smile?

April 1, 2022

Do you have problems sticking your tongue past your lower teeth or lifting your tongue...

Oral Sedation: What Does Sedation Dentistry Mean?

March 1, 2022

It is not unusual to encounter anxious people whenever they visit a dentist. If anything,...

How Bone Grafting is Performed? And Is Bone Graft A Major Surgery?

February 1, 2022

A bone graft is not major oral surgery. It’s because the dental professional may need...

5 Factors Affecting the Results of Your Teeth Whitening Procedure

January 1, 2022

Teeth whitening is a common procedure to brighten your smile. But, several factors influence how...

How Many Teeth Can Be On A Bridge?

December 3, 2021

Natural teeth are something that could never have a replacement. No one in their life...

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