Endodontics in Beverly Hills, CA

Endodontics refers to dental care for a tooth’s pulp and tissues that surround its roots. Some patients may not be aware that our teeth are made up of four dental tissues in total.

The health of a tooth’s pulp is essential in that it contains numerous nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues that surround the tooth’s roots. Thankfully, Dr. Roknian and the staff at Implant Dentistry By Doc Rok offer endodontics near you.

Dental Pulp Damage

Three layers of hard tissues protect the dental pulp due to the vulnerability of its soft tissue. Unfortunately, the enamel, dentin, and cementum layers can suffer damage and erosion due to cavities resulting from tooth decay. These layers can also suffer damage due to injury to the mouth, tooth fracture, or bruxism (grinding of teeth).

If these protective layers of a tooth are harmed, bacteria can invade the tooth’s pulp. The result is pain, pressure, inflammation, and even infection inside the tooth. Such serious oral health problems require effective endodontic treatment with our endodontist in Beverly Hills.

Endodontic Treatment

Most endodontic treatment involves root canal therapy. A root canal treats health issues with the soft pulp tissue inside a tooth. In addition to other endodontic procedures, a root canal is designed to preserve damaged, decayed, infected, or injured teeth and prevent their extraction.

Since infection and bacteria inside a tooth’s pulp can spread to surrounding teeth and gum tissue, the condition will continue to worsen unless endodontic treatment is performed.

Restoring your afflicted tooth to health can preserve your overall oral health, function, and even aesthetics. Our dentist near you offers endodontic treatment to protect your natural teeth from extraction. This treatment prevents visible tooth gaps and preserves oral functions, such as chewing, as well.

Dr. Roknian and our dental care team provide professional endodontic treatment to preserve your teeth. For more information about endodontics in Beverly Hills, contact Implant Dentistry By Doc Rok.